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Below is listed the legal owner of the Aurora GPT Script

We will be going through the internet searching for unlicensed paid to click sites, any site found without the site_info module will be viewed as Unlicensed. The version.txt file will have a disclaimer, and the version number of the script which cannot be edited. The company or reseller can add a company name to the end of their version number. The site_info.php and key.php files cannot be tampered with either, this will null and void the license of your site.

We are seeing way too many scams opening up due to unlicensed illegal resellers selling or giving away our copyrighted aurorasdr script, is the official owner of AuroraSDR Script.

A reseller is not allowed to sell resell rights, modify the script and call it their own, claim copy right, and anything similar of that nature.

Name: Mike Pratt
Store: Illusive Web Services
Contact: Not Listed

Name: Noroc Marius-Mihai
The new owner of Aurora SDR Scripts & fully licensed reseller of all aurora based products.
Main Site: Scripts Done Right
EMS Name: AuroraGPT
Store 1:
Store 2:
Store 3:
Store 4:
Store 5:
Contact: bannerstown (at)

Authorized SDR Brand Developer
EMS Name: Freelance42
Contact: freelancedeveloper42 (at)

Scripts Done Right - Associate
Name: Melody Hillock - SDR 2E, SDR 2E PRO, SDR 3.1, SDR 3.1 PRO Licensed Reseller
Contact: ptcforsale85 (at)


Below are Scripts Done Right Authorized Resellers for the SDR and Aurora GPT scripts

The Rules and Regulations for SDR Resellers are here.

Name: William Thompson - SDR 2E, SDR3.1 Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: Cashteam8
Contact: billntacoma (at)

Name: Jeffrey Johnson - SDR 2E, SDR3.1 Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: jjohnson777
Contact: jeffrey_johnson777 (at)

Name: Brett Metcalfe - SDR 2E, SDR3.1 Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: PTCSites4Sale
Contact: brettm75 (at)

Name: aurora_for_sale: SDR 2E, SDR3.1 Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: Aurora For Sale
Store: Aurora-For-Sale
Contact: team.auroraptc (at)

Name: Borimir Kolev - SDR2/SDR2e Licensed Reseller
TalkPTC Name:
EMS Name:

Name: Gergo Csomor - SDR 2E, SDR3.1 Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: Gergo

Name: Kristian Larsen: SDR 2E Licensed Reseller
EMS Name: Alfandalf
Contact: pi.tau.c.adnetwork (at)

Legal Owner ( Aurora SDR Scripts owner Noroc Marius-Mihai )

If their not on the authorized Licensed or subreseller license lists, then stay away from them, otherwise you will be risking a chance of keeping your site around. If we find that your site is unlicensed, you will need to purchase a key from a licensed reseller immediately or legal actions may be taken against you and your site. We urge site owners to block out ad campaigns to sites that are illegal and unlicensed. We will have a watch list and a current status feature on each ptc site listed on

If you have any questions please feel free to submit a support ticket.